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Save time on software deployment by creating installation packages in just minutes
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1 December 2011

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Creating easily deployable installation and uninstallation packages was never so easy. Now you can make the packages without having any special technical knowledge. It is possible with the help of the Smart Install Maker 5.01 which helps you create the installation package easily with all the required features according to your requirement. The software is fairly convenient to use as you simply need to type the information like product name, installation path, company name, etc and select the files that are required to be installed.

Smart Install Maker 5.01 helps you build excellent packages for installation and uninstallation. The screen shows the features on the left panel that need to be set for making the package. It shows two partitions Installer and Uninstaller to work with. For the Installation package you need to set the general features like the Product name, Version, Company Title, Save Install as, Type and so on. You can load the folders and files that you want to save with the package. Set the system Requirements, enable Dialogs for different functions, and customize the Interface. You can also set the features for Shortcuts, Registry, Commands, set the Font, INI files, and also you can set the variables. For the Uninstaller enable product uninstallation, select the files to be deleted, and set the registry and commands features. Setting all the aspects you can have the click on Build Installer and eve Run it to make sure that it has bee formed correctly. With the information you can get the size of the installer and for the rest information the program has bee equipped with Help File. Select the folder for the temporary files and change the language for your convenience.

Smart Install Maker 5.01 allows you to generate entirely customizable installation packages that are easy to download and allows you full control over the setup process. It also enables the complete uninstall control. For such easy and worth to use features it has been given 4 rating points which it truly deserves off.

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Deciding between a free scripting installer and a feature-bloated enterprise solution? Save time on software deployment and eliminate any learning curve by creating installation packages in just minutes!
There are free installers out there, but are they worth their zero price tag? Spartan user interfaces force you to learn scripting languages in order to create a basic install. Are several hours of wasted time worth the monetary savings?
The enterprise installation solutions are bloated with features, taking hours of your time to master their complexity. Combine that with hefty price tags, and they become hard to justify.
Smart Install Maker offers you the best of two worlds. It is simple to use, allowing you to create a perfectly usable installation package in just a few minutes, yet all the features are there, making it possible to create complex installation paths with very little effort.
Even if you've never dealt with installation programs before, Smart Install Maker can be used immediately with no learning curve involved. Its intuitive interface will guide you through the entire process. Simply type information such as the product name, the installation path and your company name, and select the files that should be installed. Then, click Build, and Smart Install Maker will do the rest.
Smart Install Maker allows you to create completely customizable installations, giving you full control. Advanced compression algorithms and extremely small overhead make it possible to create compact installations that are easy to download. Full uninstall control is enabled.
Customize every system requirement as desired, from operating system version to end-user privilege level, specify interactive or silent installation, gain access to registry keys and INI files, execute custom commands and pass values via installer variables - all this is not only possible, but elegantly performed with Smart Install Maker!
Smart Install Maker
Smart Install Maker
Version 5.04
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